Buy • Sell • Trade • Consign

  We are always looking for used equipment and will pay you cash money for it!
No matter if your old cattle equipment is in working condition or not, it still has value.
We have a client list of people looking for used equipment and can help you turn your unused items into cash.
And unlike other stores, we will take your items in on trade if you are looking to upgrade your equipment.
We love used squeeze chutes and creep feeders, but we also looking for various other items that you may have on your farm that are not being used. We are looking for but not limited to -
- Squeeze Chutes
- Head Gates
- Creep Feeders
- Hay Wagons
- Hay Rings
- Sweep Systems/Catch Pens
- Feed Troughs
- Water Tanks
- Gates
- Panels
- Grain Bins (all sizes)
- Utility Trailers
We can also come out to your farm to give you an estimate on what you have if you are looking to sellout completely. Please give us a call at 256-444-5070 to discuss all the used items you may want to sell.